A new systematic review by Dr. Byron Calhoun entitled “The maternal mortality myth in the context of legalized abortion” is found in the 17 July 13 Linacre Quarterly. The prominent “Original Research” article “The Comparative Safety of Legal Induced Abortion and Childbirth in the United States”, by Raymond and Grimes in the Feb, 2012, journal “Obstetrics & Gynecology,” rehearses the longstanding mantra of the choice argument: “Abortion is safer than Childbirth.” To reach this conclusion Raymond and Grimes employ statistical methodologies seen before, using inadequate or incomplete data, ignoring some important literature, and drawing general conclusions using limited and, we feel, inaccurate “facts.” AAPLOG finds this article to be a very serious distortion of reality as we understand the reality. AAPLOG has previously offered an evaluation of this “Original Research” is found at these locations: http://www.aaplog.org/get-involved/letters-to-members/abortion-is-safer-than-childbirth/ http://afterabortion.org/2012/re-hash-of-abortion-safety-claim-ignores-all-inconvenient-evidence-to-the-contrary/ http://www.wecareexperts.org/sites/default/files/articles/Raymond%20&%20Grimes%20%282012%29_Critique.pdf The new Systematic Review by Dr. Calhoun in the 17 July 13 Linacre Quarterly is accessed in the following PDF: Maternal Mortality Review, 165Kb