Thank You for Supporting the Right of Healthcare Providers to Act Consistent with Their Conscience When it Comes to the Intentional Taking of Human Life.


By providing the requested information and hitting submit you agree to be identified as a party to an amicus brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review Stormans v. Wiesman, a case with sweeping implications for the religious liberty of healthcare providers. The legal principles relied upon by the federal court of appeals place in jeopardy the rights of all healthcare workers to refuse or refer when asked by a patient to provide services that violate the individual moral and ethical standards of the provider.

Please note that this amicus brief will not define a specific moral line or rely on a particular religious or philosophical perspective. Rather, the brief will assert that each healthcare provider should have the right to draw a moral line and when they do so, it should be reasonably accommodated when possible.  It will focus on several areas of concern. In addition to addressing the right to act on religious convictions, the brief will advocate for those who have moral lines informed by their professional oaths or personal convictions that do not arise from a particular faith. Additionally the brief will explain how a failure to recognize a right of conscience would have the effect of driving many people of faith and conviction from the healthcare profession, which has the ultimate effect of reducing access to health care and undermines the state’s justification for the regulation.

The final brief will be available on this website once it is filed with the US Supreme Court. (once the final brief is available, replace the this line with “Read the brief filed at the U.S. Supreme Court at (link))

(The only information that will be shared with the Court is your Name, Credentials, and State. All other contact information, including your email, is provided in case the legal team needs to contact you in connection with this amicus brief.)

Read the Federal Trial Court Decision Here Read the Federal Court of Appeals Decision Here Read the Petition for Certiorari requesting review by the U.S. Supreme Court at (link)