Three presentations were cancelled at the last minute from the Medical Women’s International Association conference in Seoul; Korea.

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The medical community desperately needs to hear the truth about how some women suffer preventable lifetime psychological harm from abortion, how abortion contributes to preterm birth, the biggest killer of newborns world wide, and how nations with law protective of both mothers and unborn babies achieve some of the best statistics in maternal mortality. The suppression of the truth about the harm of abortion to women and future generations is the unfortunate reality in some medical and scientific venues who place the advancement of abortion above scientific dialog.


Dr. Mary Davenport, M.D.
Preterm Birth And Abortion (Format: Powerpoint)

Dr. Donna Harrison, M.D.
Maternal Mortality and the Myth of “Safe” Abortion (Format: Powerpoint). Also view the transcript to the presentation. (Format: Word)

Dr. Martha Shuping, M.D.
Women’s Mental Health after Abortion (Format: Powerpoint)

For more information, or for media contact, please contact Dr. Donna Harrison by cellphone at (202) 450-0411. (Note that Dr. Harrison is traveling in Korea until August 5th, so cellphone accessibility will be intermittent.)