The Canadian Parliament is in an intense debate about allocation of resources to help alleviate maternal mortality in resource-poor areas of the world. The usual pro-abortion forces are demanding that the money be diverted to providing abortion services, despite the proven efficacy of adequate prenatal care, skilled birth attendants, adequate delivery facilities, antibiotics, and oxytocin, all of which address 94% of maternal mortality causality. In trying to divert the funds to abortion promoting institutions, Ms. Joyce Arthur published significant misinformation. The AAPLOG has countered her misinformation with factual information from the medical literature. In March, 2010, the Star Phoenix, a Canadian newspaper, carried an article by Joyce Arthur, the co-ordinator for the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada.  Ms Arthur states strongly that legalized abortion has resulted in “dramatic decreases in death and serious complications due to unsafe abortions.”  The article can be found here. Ms. Arthur’s conclusions are challenged by Dr. Elard Koch of the Dept of Famly Medicine or the University of Chile.  His article with hard data can be found here. AAPLOG wrote a letter to the editor of the Star Phoenix  in April, 2010 which also challenged Ms Arthur’s facts and conclusions.  The AAPLOG letter follows: Read the letter.