For Immediate Release   March 28, 2016

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AAPLOG Press Release:  Support for  Protection of Discriminated People Groups

The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists* (AAPLOG), representing 3000 physician members and associates across the United States, strongly supports laws banning the destruction of our patients in the womb. It is deplorable that the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) has, by its blind support of elective abortion for any reason or for no reason, chosen to ignore the scientific and professional responsibility of obstetricians to advocate for the life of their second patient, the unborn child. It is especially important for obstetricians to advocate for the lives of their unborn patients who could survive outside of the mother’s womb. Given the right care, babies who are currently aborted by being dismembered in the late second trimester could have survived outside of their mother. To dismember these children is not medical care, but sanitized genocide against the most defenseless of all people groups: the unborn children. It is unthinkable that any obstetrician would ever allow for, much less advocate for, the ripping apart of their patients while alive. It is even more unconscionable that a medical professional organization would advocate for the destruction of their own patients. Yet, the recent ACOG press release reveals the radical pro-abortion advocacy that the leadership of ACOG has pushed for decades. But most obgyns in the United States do not share ACOG’s rabid pro-abortion advocacy. Eighty six percent  of obgyns do not perform abortions .  Why? Obstetricians know they have a responsibility to care for both the pregnant woman and her unborn child as part of their professional oath. That is what it means to be an obgyn physician. The ACOG leadership is clearly at odds with their membership on the issue of abortion. ACOG historical  documents reveal that ACOG leadership specifically avoided informing the ACOG membership about the radical position of abortion advocacy that ACOG leadership decided to adopt.  By blindly supporting any and all abortions under any and all circumstances up through birth, ACOG leadership has chosen to abuse its authority, and has ceased to represent the views of U.S. obstetricians and gynecologists on the issue of elective abortion.


  • *The  American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and  Gynecologists is a medical professional  organization of 4300 physician members and associates, many of whom are former  members of ACOG.    AAPLOG exists to  encourage and equip concerned medical practitioners to give evidence-based  reasons for defending the lives of both our pregnant patient and her unborn  child.