The Daling study was specifically commissioned and funded by the United States National Cancer Institute to investigate the abortion/breast cancer link. 845 women with breast cancer were compared with 961 controls. Janet Daling’s group found an overall 50% breast cancer risk increase by age 45 for women who have had an induced abortion. A 12% lifetime chance of developing breast cancer becomes an 18% lifetime chance. Among women with a family history of breast cancer (mother, grandmother, sister, or aunt), the increase in risk was 80%. If the woman had her abortion before she was 18, the increase in risk was more than 100% (doubled!). If the woman had both risk factors (family history, and abortion before 18), the risk was incalculably high, i.e., there were 12 such women out of 1800 in the study, and ALL TWELVE DEVELOPED BREAST CANCER BY AGE 45. Study: Daling Study